This menu of italian food is in appreciation of my fathers Sunday lunches.
Please let us know if you allergic to any foods before you place your order.
Before you lavishly add more salt to my dishes, please taste the food.

Small Plates

  • - R 75.00

    Calamari tubes sautéed with a touch of chilli, lemon and cumin in a light cream topped with roasted garlic.

  • - R 75.00

    Sardines, panfried served on a sultana and apple crumble, garnished with pickled red onion.

  • - R 75.00

    Polenta crumpet topped with marinated field mushrooms and rabbiola cheese drizzled with a fynbos oil.


  • - R 85.00

    Buffalo mozzarella with roast peppers and rugola.

  • - R85.00

    Bulgar wheat with Italian parsley, roma tomatoes and toasted sesame seed, drizzled with a spicy tahini dressing and pan fried halloumi.

Pasta & Risotto

  • - R 125.00

    Papparderelle tossed with spicy chargrilled chicken livers, chorizo sausage in a light red pepper ragu

  • - R 165.00

    Risotto Milanese style with saffron, topped with steamed asparagus and toasted pine nuts.


  • - R 230.00

    Chargrilled fillet of beef rolled in crushed black pepper and rosemary, thinly sliced, topped with a smoked tomato butter served with crispy polenta fingers.

  • - R 210.00

    Slow cooked leg of lamb served with spicy lentils, roast fennel and creamy potato.

  • - R 175.00

    Calamari ragu cooked with ginger, garlic and chilli in a tomato sauce with cream, served with chargrilled sweetcorn and spicy riso.


  • - R 65.00

    Pineapple beignet with a rum sauce served with vanilla ice cream.

  • - R 65.00

    Dulce de Leche panna cotta served with mixed citrus segments and caramelized nuts.

  • - R 65.00

    Mascarpone and gorgonzola ice cream served with poached pear.

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