Summer Menu

This menu of italian food is in appreciation of my fathers Sunday lunches.
Please let us know if you allergic to any foods before you place your order.
Before you lavishly add more salt to my dishes, please taste the food.

Piccoli Piatti

  • - R 75.00

    Arancini filled with roast Mediterranean vegetables served with a balsamic & chilli sauce.

  • - R 80.00

    Ravioli pillows filled with parmesan & ricotta, deep fried served with salsa verde.

  • - R 80.00

    Ostrich satay with a black pepper crust & bay leaf vinaigrette.

Primi Piatti

Most of our Pastas are made in-house

  • - R 125.00

    Ricotta & fresh herb gnocchi in a fresh tomato sauce with deep fried leeks.

  • - R 145.00

    Fettucine with deboned quail in a Madeira & sage jus.

  • - R 125.00

    Farfalle with fresh garden peas, asparagus, grilled artichokes & spicy walnuts tossed with a green tomato & pepper salsa.

Piatto Forte

Our main dishes are served with a vegetable of choice

  • - R 230.00

    Chargrilled fillet on the bone rubbed with harissa & rock salt served with a tomato & red pepper compote.

  • - R 175.00

    Roast leg of lamb cutlet marinated in olive oil & rosemary, served with roast baby cabbage & a pickled aubergine, date & fresh mint salsa.

  • - R 135.00

    Moroccan vegetable cassoulet cooked with chickpeas, apricots & saffron.


Side Dishes

  • - R 35.00

    Sautéed baby spinach with a touch of garlic

  • - R 35.00

    Grilled asparagus with burnt butter.

  • - R 35.00

    Roasted fine green beans with toasted almonds

  • - R 35.00

    Garden salad with a citrus vinaigrette.


  • - R 60.00

    Vanilla scented pannacotta & iced raspberries with chocolate shavings.

  • - R 65.00

    Pear & ricotta tart with roast pine nuts served with vanilla scented mascarpone.

  • - R 70.00

    Pistachio meringue nest filled with chocolate ice-cream & a granadilla salsa.

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