This menu of italian food is in appreciation of my fathers Sunday lunches.
Please let us know if you allergic to any foods before you place your order.
Before you lavishly add more salt to my dishes, please taste the food.

Small Plates

  • - R 70.00

    Spicy Moroccan chicken croquettes with a sweet tomato jam

  • - R 55.00

    Robiola cheese with a drizzle of banana peel chutney

  • - R 75.00

    Crispy sardines with fresh lemon .


  • - R 65.00

    Spicy lentil and coconut soup with fresh basil.

  • - SQ

    Soup of the day.

Pasta & Risotto

  • - R 155.00

    Rich oxtail ragu with red wine .

  • - R 145.00

    Sauteed duck with roast baby onions, red peppers, olives and a rosemary scented oil .

  • - R 175.00

    Risotto cooked with white wine and sa!':tron topped with poached prawns and crispy leeks.


  • - R 150.00

    Mussels cooked in tomato consommé, white wine, garlic & parsley, served with pomp frites.

  • - R 190.00

    Thinly sliced fillet of beef, flash fried in butter and thyme topped with wild rugola and parmesan shavings served with crispy potatoes (200g)

  • - R 145.00

    Double baked smoked butternut and roast pumpkin seed souffle dusted with paprika.


  • - R 55.00

    Italian panettone pudding with fresh pears.

  • - R 55.00

    Hot cherry, orange and cinnamon soup with vanilla ice cream.

  • - R 60.00

    Caramelised banana and roast almond gnocchi in a light vanilla sauce.

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