Valentines Day Dinner Menu


This menu of italian food is in appreciation of my fathers Sunday lunches.
Please let us know if you allergic to any foods before you place your order.
Before you lavishly add more salt to my dishes, please taste the food.


  • - R 75.00

    Trio of pate Baba ganoush/ red pepper, pecan & tomato/ white bean pate served with grissini.

  • - R 70.00

    Vegetable torte with parmesan shavings & a spicy gazpacho salsa.

  • - R 85.00

    Fillet cubed flash fried with fresh oregano, garlic & butter.

  • R70.00

    Pan fried sardines.


  • - R 95.00

    Frutti di Mare with mixed seafood & linefish with a lime & mint vinaigrette.

  • - R85.00

    Caponata with roma tomatoes, roast diced aubergine, anchovies & capers.

  • R85.00

    Romaine Lettuce with pine nuts, tuna & drizzled with a coriander mayo.

Pasta & Risotto

  • - R 125.00

    Fresh spaghetti tossed with artichokes, sun dried tomato, olives in a rugola & pine nut pesto.

  • - R 155.00

    Milanese risotto cooked with saffron topped with parmesan shavings.

  • R125.00

    Gnocchi tossed with burnt butter & sage, topped with crispy roast aubergine & parmesan shavings.


  • - R175.00

    Lamb loin cutlets marinated in garlic & olive oil, roasted in the Josper served with a mustard & mint sauce and pomme frites.

  • - R155.00

    Mussels cooked with Pernod, saffron & white wine served with pomme frites.

  • - R 145.00

    Ratatouille & chickpea pie.


  • - R 65.00

    Tuscan semifreddo of scented mascarpone & chocolate with candied peel.

  • - R 60.00

    Panna Cotta with amaretto garnished with roast peach & salted caramelised almonds.

  • - R 65.00

    Dark chocolate mousse with chilled sour cherries and port.

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