This menu of italian food is in appreciation of my fathers Sunday lunches.
Please let us know if you allergic to any foods before you place your order.
Before you lavishly add more salt to my dishes, please taste the food.


  • - R 75.00

    Ricotta & parmesan pate served with marinated baby marrow salad.

  • - R 75.00

    Sticky sweet and sour duck drumstick.

  • - R 80.00

    Lamb ribs marinated in olive oil, garlic and rosemary.

  • R75.00

    Escargots in a gorgonzola and garlic sauce.


  • - R 145.00

    Beetroot gnocchi tossed with caramelized baby beetroot, toasted pecans &<br /> crumbled goats cheese.

  • - R110.00

    Savoury crepe filled with a shredded duck confit, roast leeks and apricots.

  • R185.00

    Chargrilled lamb kebab with red pepper & fig drizzled with a mint and<br /> yoghurt dressing served with risi e bisi.

  • SQ

    Fillet of beef on the bone with a Szechwan pepper crust with a lemon<br /> verbena scented oil, sautéed mushrooms and pomme gratin

  • R135.00

    Fine green beans cooked with baby potatoes in a napolitana sauce served<br /> on a butternut puree.


  • - R 65.00

    Tiramisu gateau.

  • - R 65.00

    Panna cotta made with coffee and cardamom served with poached<br /> apricots.

  • - R 75.00

    Meringue baked with dates and nuts topped with fresh berries.

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